Save on Your Bus Fares around Wanganui

Get a GoCard

GoCard is a prepaid, reusable travel card which entitles you to cheaper fares. It can be used on most Tranzit bus services including Palmerston North, Massey and Wanganui Urban services.

You can purchase one for $10 (which includes $5 prepaid travel) from your bus driver or Tranzit Transport Centre, then simply swipe it over the reader each time you board the bus and the amount of your travel will be electronically deducted from it. You can load more travel dollars onto your card on the bus (with cash) or at a Tranzit Transport Centre (with cash or eftpos). There is a minimum top up of $10.

GoCards cannot be de-magnetized by your other credit cards, are waterproof and will last much longer than the old orange laminated card system!


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