Wanganui Best Areas

Wanganui is one of the most colorful, attractive and culturally-rich cities in New Zealand. However, just like any other city, it has its own patches of good and bad locations. This is a list of the more favorable areas:
1. For Families - Consider Springvale, St. Johns Hills and College Estate
2. For bachelors - consider a lifestyle place near the Castlecliff beach or the Wanganui CBD
3. For lifestyle-oriented people - consider Westmere and Aramoho

Wanganui East has wide streets and some established homes. However, it seems too quiet. There are quite a few abandoned establishments in that area.

Gonville area has its own library, nursery and a central shopping center. However, there are some Gonville properties that are not kept well.

Durie Hill is quite an expensive area. A lot of established homes are found here.

In summary, Wanganui one of the best places to live in New Zealand, with its constantly mild climate and established premises. For more Wanganui local and tourist information, please visit

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