Wanganui Library

The Wanganui Library is by far the only local library I have been to in the North Island that offers free wifi. The library is at the back of the famous Sergeant Gallery.

The back of the library has a nice little hedged garden. The parking lot overlooks the wonderful view of the Wanganui River and Mt Ruapehu on a no cloud, sunny day.

The library has modern facilities, a children's section, free computers, free newspapers and a nice wide collection of books that are helpful in different fields. They also have video and music rentals, which are very cheap compared to Video Ezy.

I particularly appreciate that the library officers allow people to be able to work in the library with their laptops. The people in Wanganui are very friendly and accommodating. The free wifi is offered by the Aeratora network, which is gradually offering free wifi services to all public libraries in New Zealand.

Wanganui is also called the River City. It's a holiday beach area (Castlecliff Beach). Having a close proximity to a long beach is one of the reasons why we chose to buy property in Wanganui.

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