Whanganui National Park

Whanganui National Park New Zealand is located at a primitive site that is expanding from central volcanic plateau to mt Taranaki and the Tasman Sea. The landscape is lonely with few population yet amazing scenes of nature. It has rivers, valleys, forests and a beautiful quietness. The Whanganui River is the only access route and is always populated for canoeing.

It is a home of thousands of sedimentary rocks. Owing to this the majority of valleys here are steep and having sharp river edges. The altitudes vary from 500-700m.

You can reach the Whanganui National Park through it's main route which is Whanganui river, largest in New Zealand. It is easily sail able, has a muddy color due to abundance sediments declined by mudstones. The dimension of the river is 150 km.

Climatic conditions include rainfall from 900-1250 mm per year and 1200-2000mm per year in south and north respectively. The summer season is usually warm while winters are pleasantly cool.

Since it has huge forests, The Whanganui National Park is a homeland for vegetation. Podocarp/broadleaf along with black beech are main products. Others include kahikatea, rewarewa, pukatea, kamahi and mahoe.

The thick and dense forests are home for numerous species including birds and small animals. The brown kiwis, robins, bellbirds, pigeons, whiteheads, tuis, fantails, grey warblers, kingfishers are few such species.

The major activities in the Wanganui National Park revolves around short and long walking, tramping, viewing wonders of nature and many unique and splendid animals and birds. Two adventurous walks start from the north of the park to Te Maire and from Maraekowhai to Whanganui River, revealing forests and rivers along the way. While in the south, Atene Skyline track is much longer track passing through a lowland native forest.

Wanganui is a wonderful region in New Zealand, 2 hours north of Wellington. Wanganui City is famous for its beautiful gardens and old Victorian architecture.

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