Buck's Sentence...

A few weeks ago, TV3 featured Buck, a Wanganui resident's pet dog... the news was sensationalized -- a badly hurt dog -- donations poured in. But the recent news is found below (taken from Wanganui Chronicle):

Wanganui teenager Bronson Stewart's dog, Buck, could end up back on death row. prospect arises because he has still not registered the dog with the Wanganui District Council.

Bronson told the Chronicle yesterday he hoped a national fund, set up by the SPCA for badly injured animals needing veterinary care, would pay Buck's registration fee.

"Because it is all part of Buck's wellbeing," he said.

But Bronson said he hoped to get the nearly 6-month-old dog registered within the next few weeks.

However, the Wanganui District Council's animal control bylaw states dogs must be registered by the time they are three months old. The dog also needs to be microchipped, which costs around $48.

If an unregistered dog is picked up by an animal ranger and impounded, the dog will not be released back to its owner until it is registered and microchipped. Otherwise it could be re-homed or euthanased.


SPCA is the national institution that protects animal rights in New Zealand.

I am an animal lover and I love my pet pekingese dog, Skip. I give him a lot of gifts and fancy treats when I get home from an overseas trip.

It fascinates me how much people spend on their pets... which makes me wonder, what about those people who actually need the money or the food to eat... I am talking about the homeless and the people in third world countries. Are these people less important than pets?

This is a very hard question to answer. As many animal lovers actually develop close relationships with their pets, something that they never had developed with other people. And perhaps something that other people might have shunned them away before.

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