Car Smashes into Springvale Home, Wanganui

I read the news today and I was quite shocked. A teenage girl's car smashed right into a home in Springvale, Wanganui at 10pm Saturday, Feb 20, 2010.

Driven by a teenage girl, the car mounted the footpath, took out the Evans' letterbox and part of the hedge, and slammed into the bathroom wall, which shunted the spa bath into the hand basin.

I am assuming the house was located in a cul-de-sac section. Recently, I do notice a lot of fast cars going through our neighborhood. I consider it quite deafening actually as their engines roared loudly, noise increasing as they come closer. Thankfully, our house is not located on a busy street.

I am quite amazed at the number of cars parked outside Wanganui High School during school periods. I imagine, that's approximately correlated to the number of school kids owning their vehicles. It was a luxury to own a car when I was younger. I think one way to prevent this incident is to make it harder for kids to own their cars in the future.

It's a big responsibility to manage one's self properly. It's even a bigger responsibility to manage the risk of potentially harming other people around. Parents need to be aware that even good kids have considerable risk of being forced into situations that may harm themselves and other people. So apart from constant, quality communication with kids, it's also important that kids understand the risks and earn their right in owning their vehicle. A car is not a just a convenience tool, or a way to show off to friends, it's a huge responsibility... for the driver, the people riding with the driver and the people that can be encountered on the road.

Earning the right to own a car should be studied. It's not just about learning how to drive, it's about passing a certain level of responsibility test.

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