Orange Cafe, Wanganui

The Orange Cafe is my favorite cafe in Wanganui. I usually order short mocha ($3.5) and a vegetable muffin - spinach, onion and bluecheese (I think it's $4). Their pricing is very reasonable and the serving size is hearty. However, other than the reasonable price, I go to this cafe because it has free Wifi. It's perfect for visiting tourists who need to check their email.

This particular day, I tried their raspberry friand at $3. I'm not really a fan of sweets but I wanted to compare the quality of Orange Cafe's pastry dishes to the cafe's in Sydney CBD.

I was pleasantly surprised. The Orange Cafe friand is not bland and puffy. The chef actually added orange peels in the recipe that gave it a bit of zest, lovely idea. This friand is so much better than the overpriced friand I had in Grace Hotel in York St, Sydney.

Would I recommend this cafe? Absolutely. They get pretty busy so you would have to be patient with the service delays. I notice they have friendlier staff these days too. :-)

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