Unemployment Rate in New Zealand 2010

Recent news suggests a 7.3% unemployment rate in New Zealand.

The unemployment rate in Manawatu / Wanganui increased to 5.8% for the year to December 2009 (national average: 6.1%) from 4.2% in the year to December 2008 Source.

Although it appears that people in Wanganui appears to be luckier than the rest of New Zealand's rural areas, there still needs to be conscious effort to improve productivity and decrease unemployment in the city. There is a huge vacancy of commercial offices in town and a lot of people selling property in Wanganui - be it a life style block, holiday home or family home. The New Zealand government needs to help its citizens to be more globally competitive through better education on selling on the worldwide market. Kiwis working abroad are not coming back - most likely enjoying the sun in Gold Coast or the wages in UK. The money they earn is not being remitted to New Zealand. Statistics show that 50% of New Zealand's population owns 5% of the country's wealth. Has NZ turned out to be the magic holiday island for rich and famous suddenly? How is the government addressing this wealth disparity?


New Zealand's unemployment rate has risen far higher than thought to 7.3%.

The 0.8% rise in the December quarter sets a 10-year high, following a rise to 6.5% in the previous quarter, according to Statistics New Zealand's latest Household Labour Force Survey.

Economists had been expecting an unemployment rate of 6.8% while the Reserve Bank had tipped 6.6%.

The number of unemployed people in New Zealand also rose to 168,000, up 18,000 (12.2%) on the September quarter - the highest rise in nearly 17 years.


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