A Walk In The Bason Park

Bason Botanical Gardens in Wanganui has been acclaimed by the New Zealand Gardens Trust as a 'Garden of Regional Significance', so it's one of the places to visit in Wanganui. Once part of a farm, the gardens were gifted to Wanganui by Stanley and Blanche Bason in 1996. In winter, you would appreciate the surreal ambiance of strong trees without leaves. In In spring you'll find a mass of camellias, daffodils, magnolias and flowering cherry trees. In summer, roses and perennials paint the landscape with a rainbow of colours. In fall, you'd marvel at the golden leaves of Bason's established trees. Walking trails lead around the gardens and the original homestead. Weddings and functions at held at the homestead.

Bason is truly one of Wanganui's treasures. Click here for more photos of Bason Botanical Gardens and New Zealand Gardens.

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