Wanganui Bus Services

It's quite easy to travel around Wanganui and enjoy many sites and spots the city has to offer.

Wanganui Bus Services timetable is shown here.

1. Castlecliff Bus Route

2. Springvale / St Johns Hill Bus Route

3. Aramoho Bus Route

4. Wanganui East

For more information, please download this file.

The buses are scheduled to drop by the stops in 15 minute intervals. The stops are located in good walking distances from the areas busiest streets.

The bus fares are reasonable, however, if you are a frequent city visitor, it will make sense to purchase a gocard which will save you significant amount in Wanganui bus fares.

There are not a lot of people using the buses so you do not have to worry about having no space to sit. And even if you have to stand, each main location is 5 minutes away from the Wanganui CBD. The buses are tidy and the ride is comfortable.

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  1. RUBBISH. Leaves from St Hill Street outside Countdown. Update your website.

  2. Is it $2:50 for 1 trip or for 2 hrs ?