Seafood Buffet, Wanganui

My favorite restaurant in Wanganui is "The Oaks" (restaurant cafe and bar) for the following reasons:
1. I love seafood. They offer an all-you-can eat seafood buffet every Saturday night, 6pm. You have to make reservations though. This is their website. From memory, they serve the following on their buffet menu:
a. Soup (for starters) - pumpkin or vegetable soup - nice and creamy
b. Bread and assorted ham
c. Egg and vegetable salads
d. Coleslaw
e. Fried rice with lots of shrimp and crab meat
f. Oysters!
g. Squid salad
h. Steamed vegetables - potato, broccoli, cauliflower
i. Roasted pork
j. Fish Fillets
k. Calamari

2. They have wonderful deserts -pavlova, lots of fruits and strawberries, chocolate cake, eclairs
3. The Oaks is a casual dining place.
4. The pricing is so reasonable at $30 per person.

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