Victoria Ave, Wanganui

Wanganui town center is no doubt the most beautiful town center in NZ. Why? I have listed a few reasons here.

1. Scenic river view
2. Character buildings
3. Lovely flower baskets consistent all through out the town center
4. Wonderful big shady trees
5. Pleasant, reasonably priced cafes
6. Proximity to key locations like the Wanganui library, Sergeant Gallery, River walks, shopping centers

The other "best town center" contenders are (not in order):
1. Whakatane
2. Taupo
3. Wanaka
4. Blenheim

This evaluation is based on:
1. Town character / uniqueness
2. Colorful gardens
3. Affordability of cafes and restaurants
4. Water view
5. Trees
6. Weather

Despite these wonderful characteristics, there's still depopulation in Wanganui. People are still leaving.

What do you think should be improved in Wanganui?
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