Chairman of Whanganui District Health Board

Latest news from Wanganui Chronicle discusses that the chairman of Whanganui District Health Board has been asked to step aside. 

"The public in Wanganui and also throughout New Zealand have been led to believe that Wanganui Hospital has an unsafe radiology department, which (the committee) refutes completely," the committee said. This development is the fallout from news stories in February which revealed the radiologist employed by the WDHB earned about $600,000. The board's chief executive was also asked if the workload by the sole radiologist compromised patient safety.
In a later radio news item, Mr Solomon suggested the hospital was "probably not safe".
After the board meeting of March 5, Mrs Joblin wrote to Mr Solomon and said the board was asking him for an explanation of his comments.
"What concerns the board," she wrote on March 17, "is that your raising issues in public and passing opinions on the consequences, before management had the opportunity to fully answer your questions, appears to be unfair to our staff, questions the medical integrity of your colleagues and unnecessarily raises in a public forum the issue of the hospital being unsafe."

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