Reviews about Wanganui

Wanganui is a nice place to live and bring up a family, It needs more big business in town to create greater employment opportunities which in turn would support small local business.
- Wanganui Resident

I love living in wanganui ..I like our mayor ,some times he does a good job!
- Wanganui Resident

We have a council that (Appears anyway) to invite community input
- Wanganui Resident

The Whanganui River is one of the most pieceful places on earth - do not miss the kayak trip you can either do with the mailman or Whanganui River Top 10 Holiday Park. You can do 5, 8 and 25 km with the holiday park. The river is amazing in length and width. The river is also 25km tidal with arise and fall of about 2m every 6 hours.

The saying of the locals is: I am the river and the river am I - and this is the sensation this Nile provides.
- Online Review from Trip Advisor

 Nice town, but an awful lot of graffiti, and some noisy, boisterous gang presence, particularly noted as my wife and I were strolling around the down town shopping district. It was a jarring note to an otherwise pleasant experience.
- Canadian Tourist

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