Wanganui's Quiet Charm

photo credits Leah Villanueva, lvdconsulting

I can't help but reminisce about going to Orange cafe, town center of Wanganui.

Orange is my favorite cafe because it has Wifi connection. Though sometimes wifi isn't working. The coffee is good and the location is perfect especially on a sunny day.

Walking around the Victoria mainstreet, tourists and locals will enjoy flowers in bloom - all throughout the year.

The cafe experience is one of a kind in Wanganui. For a quiet experience and if you need to have a conversation with a client, I would suggest Elements Cafe

For those who like to have a bit of a garden experience, you might want to try going to Parnell's Cafe & Gallery. Though the pricing is a bit more for most of the items on the menu. I'd say 5 to 10% higher than other local cafes.

For those who like to have a view of the river, you can try visiting the Zinc cafe at the I-site Wanganui Building or the La Terrazza in Taupo Quay in front of Countdown.

For those who simply want a good cup of coffee, the best coffee in town is Orange Cafe.

Have a coffee and a chat, for a quiet, soothing experience in a charming town.

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