How to Keep Warm this Winter

The late winter brings wretched weather. According to the news Ohakune area will be blanketed with snow. Freezing weather in Wellington is expected.

So this article is all about how to keep warm in Wanganui this chilly winter.

1. 1 layer every 5 degree drop. Considering 20 degrees C to be pleasant weather, with 1 layer clothing needed, a 5 degree drop to 15 degree means 2 layers needed, especially when there is wind chill. Wanganui is quite a windy city! At 10 degrees, 3 layers are recommended and if the temperature is hovering around 5 degrees C, 4 layers would be recommended plus wind breaker for strong winds.

2. Wear wool socks, wool scarf and a beanie. This is important to keep the head warm. Around 30% of heat is lost from shoulders up.

3. Wear wool slippers around the house.

4. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise. The body produces a lot of heat. The extra exercise will keep your body's metabolism going and that will keep you warmer.

5. Drink hot tea or hot beverages when you feel cold.

6. Hot soup is great for a cold night.

7. Listen to classical music during the day. Winter chills, shorter days make you feel a bit down. Yes gloomy weather can make you less productive. So try to find ways to be inspired and focused.

These are all basic tips. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you keep warm during Winter! :-)

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