Where to Buy Food

If you live in Wanganui, you're fortunate to have 3 big supermarkets right at the city center. Here are some tips on where to buy the most affordable commodities.

1.  Whanganui Traders Market is on every Saturday, near the Whanganui River. Usually, the traders give very low prices for common fruits and vegetables compared to leading grocery stores. Some traders also sell flowering plants and herbs at lower prices.

2.  If you family loves meat and fish, it's best to visit Pak N Save. In fact Pak N Save occasionally provides huge discounts on seasonal fruits like Kiwi, feijoas and strawberries.

3. New world and Countdown promote sales every week. However, they only provide sales on certain items and hope that you buy other things you need in the same store. These other 'items' you might need to buy are not necessarily sold cheap. So unless you really need the items on sale on New World and Countdown, it pays to visit Pak N Save and the River Market first.

4. Smaller groceries in suburbs like Castlecliff, Gonville, Wanganui East & Aramoho also have low-priced goods - occasionally. However, chips and cookies are quite expensive in these stores.

5. If you have a huge family and you love fish, there's a fish store in Heads Road in Castlecliff which sells bigger quantities of fish but at more affordable rates.

6. New World sells good quality vegetables and imported food options.

7. Countdown has more selection of Asian condiments.

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