We Need More Trees in Wanganui Suburbs

Isn't this just a lovely sight? Unfortunately, this is just one of the few streets in Wanganui lined with beautiful trees. We hope the local government would invest more in beautifying the other suburbs. Trees increase the value of any property and make any place much more pleasant. Yes there are restrictions in terms of what trees can grow especially in Castlecliff area however this doesn't limit the chance to improve these suburbs.

In 2009, I had emailed Build@wanganui.govt.nz

I had mentioned that planting more trees are quite a more affordable solution to beautifying certain Wanganui streets, improve the look of a property ( Not just trees but even flowering plants or shrubs if trees can't grow on certain locations )

I had asked the help of the council if there was any subsidy or any help they can give me to get this done. Then a representative visited us and said he would get back to us... he never did.

So hopefully, if there is anyone interested in helping me out in this campaign, please help me email the appropriate person. I am sure that with the help of the community, we can add more trees to certain locations in Wanganui.

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