Positive News for Wanganui

What's the smartest city in New Zealand?

Per head, Wellington has the most tertiary-qualified people but neither Wellington nor Auckland is the New Zealand city named as semi-finalist in the world's most intelligent communities.
That honour has gone to Whanganui.
The competition is run by a foundation called the Intelligent Communities Forum.
Riverside, California currently holds the title of intelligent community of the year. Whanganui is vying for the title along with 20 other city's around the planet.
And as Whena Owen found out, Whanganui is loving it.

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/The-smartest-city-in-the-country/tabid/817/articleID/274558/Default.aspx#ixzz2AgmUEHg3

Living in Wanganui
For a family with young kids, Wanganui is a great place to start. High quality schools and a cosy cafe district is a good match for kids and mothers. Now, Wanganui is trying to attract a new sector of a community - the young adults who love to go online. Wanganui's drive to become New Zealand's first city to offer free wifi in the city center is such an impressive and progressive move. Kudos to the city's Mayor Annette Main.

Even top tourist centers like Queenstown NZ and Rotorua NZ do not have extensive wifi services.

This is certainly a bold move! All the best to Wanganui!

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