MetService Weather Guide for Wanganui - Farmer's Tool

Wanganui is lovely rural area in the middle of the North Island. It has a large farming community - sheep and cattle.

This is why a weather forecasting tool like Metservice is a valuable asset to farmers.
Click here for Wanganui Weather.

Constantly, daily, I look at the weather using this tool to make sure that I wear the right clothes to keep me warm and comfortable in Wanganui. So far, after a good five years, the weather forecasts on this tool has been accurate... and in times it's not exactly accurate, it was bearable, and tolerable.

This tool has the best representation of temperature as well. I compared the actual feel and actual weather conditions in Wanganui to the results of MetService weather guide, Google Weather report and Accuweather - a mobile app which I have downloaded. The latter 2 are reasonable guides but Metservice is the best guide.

I highly recommend this for farmers as the weather forecasts are accurate even for at least 1 week.

Enjoy the day as it seems to be quite a mild winter in Wanganui. Today is a high of 16 degrees C and a low of 9 degrees C.

Metservice offers weather forecast services for all rural areas and cities in NZ.

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