Setting up a Business in Wanganui

Many people dismiss Wanganui as a promising business center. However, there are many opportunities in Wanganui for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. It has a booming cafe culture, about 40 within the city's center.

The rent and properties available in Wanganui are the most affordable in the country.  A person can get more space for a $350/week budget - 3 bedrooms, and you can convert one into an office! This rate estimate gets you within 5 km in the city. In fact, if you're on a tighter budget, anything from $200 to $300 will get you a comfortable home close to libraries, grocery stores, cafes and town facilities. Many people are choosing to move to the country to avoid the traffic and ridiculous rent and house prices in Auckland. $250k home in Wanganui is perfect for a young and growing family. This budget will get you close to great schools within the city center.

Wanganui is a full service town. There are many professionals and experts who can help you setup a business in Wanganui.

What are the best possible businesses you can setup in Wanganui?

1. Cafes - this is a great idea. You may argue it's already a crowded space but if you are good with marketing, you would still find a niche.
2. Unique products like pickles, craft beer, manufacturing and farming (mushrooms, feijoa or any unique fruit). Because the land is cheap, you have more space to innovate.
3. Work from home professions - Wanganui is a relaxing and quiet space for authors, musicians, artists, photographers who can setup their own studios at home and have the convenience and savings operating from home.
4. Work from home businesses - if you have an unique idea or skill like making soap, candles, good pies and cakes, you would be able to setup a home business and participate on the weekly market by the Whanganui river.  In terms of skill-based businesses, there are partnership opportunities like this. This tailoring partnership idea is best suited for tailors.
5. Retirement business ideas - lawnmowing, broadband installation, taxi service. If you have more energy, there's a lot of opportunity for franchising!

If you are ready to setup a business, get the right help you'd need.  Wanganui folks are friendly and always ready to help!

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