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This is a collection of positive business news in Wanganui. 

Story of Great Opportunity

"Profits and earnings are going well, which is important not only for shareholders but the residents as well. They don't want to come to a retirement village that's losing money. They want to be in one that's financially stable and has good capital backing, that way you know if something breaks it'll be fixed." - Summerset in the River City news

Wanganui as reasonable and affordable choice for a sustainable business

"We came to Wanganui by choice and it's the best decision we made. We have no intention of leaving and look forward to the city's continued growth and prosperity," Sara Owen Carbon Brush Wanganui news

Story of Fashion and Style

"There's a lot going for Wanganui and we'll never leave here. People like nice things at affordable prices and if you're good at marketing the business will succeed."  Jane Hayman, Posh Comfort,  Wanganui news

To create a great business, you'd need to start with great partners who let you focus on your skill while they focus on your numbers.

Sewell & Wilson Ltd is a three director firm of Chartered Accountants, the origin of which dates back to 1919.

Sewell & Wilson was formed in 1961 when Dick Sewell and Angus Wilson, fathers of Michael Sewell and Douglas Wilson, left Haworth, Sewell & Christie to practice together.  In 1979 Douglas joined Michael and his father in the partnership.  Angus retired in 1987.  The company was formed on 1 April 2006 when Douglas and Peter Redpath became directors, and Michael became a Consultant.  Michael retired in March 2011 and Glenn Spooner became a director in September 2012.

The strengths of Sewell & Wilson Ltd are in our quality of service and our experience.

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