List of Great Cafes in Wanganui

Here's a list of the best cafes in Wanganui for 2014! 

Criteria: Value for Money, Location, Taste of Coffee, Menu, Ambience and most importantly Customer Service

1/2. Big Orange Cafe - Great coffee - great music. Iconic cafe to visit in Wanganui. Must-try - mochaccino

1/2. Springvale Cafe - only missing out on the #1 spot because of it's non-central location. But its own location has its own charm! So Springvale Cafe is tied with Big Orange as far as I can tell, really! This one is a family cafe and a local favorite. No wifi here but their menu is very impressive. Everything just tastes good! The price is also very affordable. No wonder they are finalists in being one of the best cafes in the Lower North Island in 2014!
Award-winning Quinoa porridge from Springvale Cafe - must-try
3. Mud Ducks Cafe - great location, great food selection!  Close to the river

4/5 Tie Element Cafe and Mint Cafe
6/7 Tie Columbia Cafe and Red Eye cafe - available free wifi and both cafes are conveniently located to the grocery and shopping center (Columbia) and city center offices (Red Eye). Just to clarify, Columbia cafe is next to Warehouse so you can use free wifi as long as you sign up for their newsletter.

There are close to 40 cafes in Wanganui! Just visit Google Maps and you'll see about 20 of them within a 3 km radius!

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