I Miss Wanganui's Quirky Cafes

This blog was started more than 6 years ago, primarily to talk about the cafes I loved in Wanganui and my life in Wanganui.

I'm now living part-time in Palmerston North and after 3 months, I can say, I actually miss Wanganui's cafes!

Just last week, I visited the Recaffeinate Cafe on Taupo Quay as I was waiting for a meeting with some local business owners. It was a chilly morning and I had to have a shot of espresso.  I was so surprised at the *feel* of this cafe. It reminded me of the little alley cafes I saw in Chicago. It was cosy, friendly and it felt just *just right*. Works of local artists were featured on the walls. Dim lighting, table lamps, good coffee and stools in front of the windows make the scene. I loved it. It gives that feel of a business cafe.

Just 3 minutes walk away is the Mud Ducks cafe - clearly this is truly a tourist cafe, boasting beautiful views of the river. It has a sun area, a tourist center next to it, and it's a feature destination for those who visit the Saturday Market. This is a trendy place to visit.

Along the Victoria Avenue, my favourite is the Big Orange cafe from day 1. Six years on, the coffee is as good. All over New Zealand, Big Orange is THE ONLY cafe offering the best cafe mocha blend. No idea how they do it... but all the other cafe mochas in all other cafes I go to in Auckland and Wellington are either too sweet, too much milk, and just not as rich... but to be fair, there's this cafe mocha at Patagonia cafe in Queenstown I frequented when I lived there. Then again even if Patagonia has this rich chocolatey cafe mocha, it's priced at $5.5 or maybe $6 now and that of Big Orange is just $4. Big Orange is of course more than just a cafe mocha favourite. It has amazing breakfast options as well.  I heard they serve nice, classy dinners but I haven't tried.

Victoria avenue now boasts Momiji - a Japanese takeaway store... just in front of Element Cafe - another cafe which is worth the visit...

Ambrossia is a quirky cafe that also sells wonderful delicacies and cheeses. It has a beautiful, creative interior as well.

In the suburbs, 3 cafes are worth the mention: Springvale cafe, Windemere Strawberry Farms Cafe and Funky Duck Cafe in St. John's Hill.

These are just a few of the many cafes in Wanganui... and I hope it inspires people to visit the city.

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