Winter Energy Tips

We had no idea about the cost of power or heating in NZ. We have lived in an insulated house and kept warm using water bottles for a few years before we made the decision on heating for our needs.

For years, we had been introduced to heat pumps and new chimneys. We've even considered gas. But not everyone is aware that there is $1/day charge on gas regardless if you use it or not.

The desire to save energy and keep warm in NZ drove us to consider having heat pumps installed in our home. However after countless hours of research for a considerable $7500 investment, we found out that heat pumps start paying for itself on the 5th year at best, at the time when there's newer technology. And nobody ever mentioned the cost and inconvenience of cleaning heat pumps.

We also got dreamy about having a fire going whilst winter, with our hot chocolate mochas and our best buddy Netflix on cold winter nights. But we shied away from fireplaces after reading about the yearly costs of cleaning the chimney and the possible poisonous fumes. I suppose the biggest issue was, "Who would tidy up the mess after the logs burn out?"

So we ended with this lower cost solution that just suited our needs as a couple with no children.

1. We signed up with Power Shop. They have amazing customer service.

They also have a user-friendly mobile app and web app.
We have received several discounts and gifts because they are constantly engaging customers with their weekly promotions.

In winter, we spend $150-180 a month. In summer, it goes down to $80-110.

2. We have purchased a high power radiant heater (electric) from Warehouse, I recall it was over $250 at that time and it has served as well.
3. We keep ourselves warm by using layers, even at home.
4. We make sure we are well hydrated. Lots of tea helps. It aids in productivity as well as we work from home.

The best way to save power is monitoring usage. I know exactly how much power we use daily because Powershop's online control panel allows me to see our electrical consumption.

I think we can save more power if I stop baking too many cakes! :-)

If you wish to switch to Powershop and have more control over your energy consumption, signup here.

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