The Truth is Beautiful

We are living in a very confused world where many people's judgments and appraisals are clouded by fear of being politically incorrect. The most unfortunate aspect of this is that there is no desire to challenge long-held beliefs... sometimes because of the fear of ruffling feathers but mostly because life is just so busy with day to day distractions that deep thinking is set aside.

So I will not bore you with philosophy. I shall state it plainly.

The TRUTH, the objective truth, is beautiful.

Embrace it, seek it, dig deep, as deep as you can, to derive it.

Respect for the definition of words is the start.
Words exist so we can define things and say what we we really mean.

Use standards, objective standards.

Use reason as standard.

The distractions of life, the incidentals, would not have any power over you at all.

But most of all, love truth. It is liberating.  It is the only way to be truly happy and free.

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