The Public

I have been wondering about "The Public" and its ability to elect officials. I am not a politician or educated in political systems. However, as I get older, I do wonder why the majority of the public has been given the opportunity to choose the governing system and the set of governing individuals. There seems to be an assumption that "The Public" knows what's best for the community. There is also an assumption that they will vote for people who know the best strategies for the progress of the town. And lastly, there is the assumption (because everyone's vote is equal) that every person who carries that vote is responsible, wise, educated (not only on their specific subject matter) but also in other areas like economics, business, humanities etc, that they are learning continuously, and/or have a wider/global experience.  The practicality of this - well how can a small town like Whanganui demand such level of individuals? Am I proposing that? Or am I just simply implying that, at the very least, there should be awareness and promotion of this idea... so that the community would consciously strive for a higher & better version of itself. Because if "The Public" has that much power to decide on everyone's future, then each of its members bears the responsibility to improve to make sure the entire community gets a better future.

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